Sunday, June 27, 2010

And so the work begins...

I was feeling a bit like a hamster on its wheel, running, running, running, and never really getting anywhere. That however has changed, thankfully. Now I have a goal in mind, a big day, a finish line that is only the beginning. I have a show. Hurrah! I'm finally in a craft show. Now, I'm prepared for it to kind of suck, I have no idea how the show will be and it already seems a little unorganized. I'm putting my doubts on the back burner though because the price was right, and they provide my table and a chair. Yes people, for a reasonable price and a table and chair you too can have Mrs.Sewbot show up at your show. I'm that easy. If you're nice to me I may even bring muffins or some other delicious treat that I can bake on the cheap. I'm a good neighbour and much like a boy scout I'm always prepared.

So now the real test of my perseverance and gusto is ahead of me in the coming couple of weeks. I have to find the time. The time to sew and create simply so that I have something I can sell. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. When Buzz is awake he is attracted to my scissors and pincushion as if they were candy. Also, I'm pretty sure that he's jealous of the attention the sewing machine gets. Jealous or just very curious. He makes it difficult to produce anything. And so dutifully I get all of my Facebook page updating, Etsy checking, and picture taking and editing done while he is awake. When I put him down for his nap (oh man do I wish he still took two naps) I take about 5 minutes to eat my lunch before I get down to business and sew sew sew. .

I quite hope that its all worth it, that at the very least I do some networking and sell a couple of things, at most I would love to sell a bunch of things and get the scoop on a couple more shows coming up. Must pass out now, tomorrow I have a date with a sewing machine and a jealous little boy.