Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bear? Puppy? Badger?

So if you have read any previous posts you would know that we were in a bit of a kerfuffle about what Buzz should be for Halloween. We had a lot of great ideas, but nothing seemed just right, until I went back to basics with a rather adorable animal costume. My son is going to be a bright eyed spotted white tailed fawn for Halloween. He got a chance to try out his costume today and I must say he looked very cute. I crocheted his hat and used a  brown onesie as the base for the body of his costume. I had some felt handy around the house and so I used what I had to make his spots, the inside of his ears, his tummy, and his tail. In a long running family tradition I was sewing quite late last night so that I could get the costume done for today. Yes I know that I have a full week before Halloween but we were giving the costume a test run today for some early Halloween events. It was a little cold and rainy in the neighbourhood but we layered and Buzz seemed to do just fine. The only issue we had was that no one seemed to be able to pinpoint what type of animal Buzz was. We heard bear, beaver, badger and puppy, however as soon as we said deer people looked at the whole costume and got it. He may have to wear a name tag proclaiming that he is Bambi for Halloween. We will see.

I was amazed at the lack of homemade costumes today, in fact I think that I only saw one other than Buzz's own. In the small group of children that were out in costume there were actually doubles of some. I'm a crafty person from a crafty family who grew up with homemade costumes, are there simply less of them out there now or has there always been more store bought costumes and I simply didn't notice them?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

rice crispies

Dear Buzz,

 I understand that you love rice crispies, however next time you find yourself in possession of a bag of them please do not throw them on the floor. After you have not thrown them on the floor please don't proceed to lick them up. This is not the way to show that you love rice crispies.

Love Mama