Monday, May 21, 2012

a few photos before the baby

We are getting every closer to the arrival of our newest family addition and so today we took a little time to take some photos of our family before the baby. As usual we went on down to Evergreen Brickworks with our tripod and managed to get a few nice shots in between Buzz's exploration of the kilns.

We spent the rest of this holiday weekend preparing our home as it will soon accommodate 4 as opposed to 3. The crib is up, closets are re-organized, and the baby clothes are washed and put away. With the amount of things we've donated this week we have definitely made room for the baby. We may even get to enjoy a bit of this organized peaceful space before the baby makes his grand entrance.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pregnancy, a Birthday, and the Arrival of Tulips

Well here I am, I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and just as our spring/summer is getting into gear I am slowing down dramatically. My energy level is doing just fine (thanks to the iron I started taking last week),however I am now an incredibly slow walker. I now take the stroller with me places simply so that I have something to push ahead of me to keep my forward momentum going. The stroller also comes in handy when Buzz decides he does not want to go in the same direction that I do, I can no longer pick him up and carry him down the street so he goes in the stroller despite his protests.

We celebrated Buzz's birthday last month by going on a train ride at his request, a perfect outing for my transit obsessed son. We hopped on the Go Train and rode it out to a park on the water where we had a picnic complete with mason jar birthday cakes, it was a very wonderful day. 

Buzz has recently shot up in height and he is enjoying it with every inch of his independent three year old self. He no longer has to stretch to reach the buttons at the crosswalk, and much to his delight he can now see over some store counters. He is becoming more curious and increasingly confident and as sad as it is to watch the baby in him slip away, watching the child in him become more prominent is wonderful. Perhaps Buzz's great moments this month was that he discovered that swings are not as scary as he thought they were. Previously he was terrified of them, not wanting to go anywhere near the swings, however now we can't keep him away, he giggles with the thrill of it all whenever he goes on them.

We have also been working away at the garden, much to Buzz's delight. He now has his own garden tools courtesy of his grandparents, and is anxious to plant seeds. He took a moment this evening to explain to me that the rain comes down and the seeds grow up, I love that he has some understanding of the process. This weekend we plan to plant potatoes and may plant carrots and beets. Our rhubarb has grown so much it is remarkable and the peas that we planted earlier are doing well. Buzz was most excited about the tulips that came up in the garden, we cut one and he carried it around in a coke bottle for the better part of a day, I even caught him giving it a kiss. It is amazing to see how much wonder and appreciation he has for the garden. Below is a picture of Buzz digging in the dirt near his beloved tulips.

As we get closer to the arrival of our newest family member there seems to be more and more that we need to do and also more and more that we want to do. Trying to find a balance between cleaning and organizing, and enjoying the spring is challenging but with any luck we will manage to be ready for the baby when he gets here. Our main goals are to get our home organized with a space for the baby's crib and swing and to  have the garden as completely planted as it can be before our little ones arrival. We also need to create a shady space at the garden so that we can spend time there with the baby. It seems that our summer will be full of excitement!