Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organize Agonize

Organization is alluding us. Too much furniture, not enough space. When I look at the ceiling all I can think of is how I can possibly put some furniture up there, get it out of my way. I'm a pack-rat, I'll admit it, I've accepted it and thats probably the worst thing I could ever do. Accepting my pack-rat status means that I no longer feel the need to excuse the mess, to hide it completely. Of course we tidy up, we attempt to organize, to create space where there is none, but the wall by my desk will be strewn with post its reminding me of my next great idea, a lunch date, phone numbers.

Despite my great displeasure at cleaning, I do quite enjoy being in an exceptionally organized space. The mess and chaos do get to me at times and I wonder if it is possible to separate the character of the room, of my home, from the clutter that seems to be on every surface. Is organization only possible with money? Or I suppose the lack there of, if you have no money to buy anything then there is nothing to organize. We are somewhere in the middle, enough money for things, not enough for the furniture to store it all in.

There is one room in the house that is, for the most part, organized. My son's room is quite neat and tidy. His toys in there are easily put away, on a shelf, in a toy box. His clothes are organized into drawers, shirts at the top, pants at the bottom. His room is the best in the place. The rest of the place is a work in progress. With any luck we will get it all organized and have at least a week or two before we decide to up and move again.