Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year New Projects

It is 2011 and I finally have time to run errands again! For the entire month of December I found it almost impossible to get anything extra done, extra being all of those things that didn't need to be done before Christmas Eve. December was a whirlwind of Christmas shopping and Christmas crafting with no time left to do all of those other crafts that I've been wanting to try for ages now. I suddenly have a slew of unbooked weekends and thus enough time on my hands to go to stores and buy supplies to make awesome things.

I've started out by learning to carve my own stamps. I've made a couple stamps for future use in other projects and of course a couple of stamps that say Mrs.Sewbot. I'll now be making my own business cards. Learning new skills rocks.

E and I now have the time to visit a thrift store or two while we're out and about and it has paid off. Buzz will soon be the owner of his very own doll bed. It used to be ugly, it is now half way to being adorable. For the low cost of $5 and with the use of some leftover paint his stuffed animals (and I'm sure one or both of the cats) will have a great bed to sleep in.

Next up - a play tent for my son who loves to spend time in a fort.