Monday, June 6, 2011

A Room for Buzz

I've finally done it, after much organizing, decorating, and moving furniture to and fro, I've finally taken pictures of Buzz's room. I'm a  huge fan of the room tours on ohdeedoh and over the past year or so I've found some great ideas while looking through the website which came in handy when setting up the room. We're lucky that our apartment has very sizable bedrooms, allowing lots of room for Buzz to not just sleep in his room, but play there as well.

We decided not to paint at all in this room because we aren't sure how long we'll stay at this location, instead I used lots of photos, illustrated images, artwork, and even some homemade fabric decals to liven up the walls and the door.

 Adorning the door is a great big polka dot 'B' with a flowery blue pigeon on either side. I cut these out of fabric and followed this tutorial to learn how to stick them to the wall using corn starch. It worked wonderfully and when we decide to move they will peel right off without stripping the paint.

Buzz has been lucky enough to receive some great artwork as gifts and all of it looks phenomenal on his walls. The images of the animal people are from grand ole bestiary on Etsy , I love that they are way more interesting then your average animal photo. Flash cards, vintage pennants, and postcards fill in the other space between photographs.

 A vintage light switch cover - a gift from an Auntie, was the perfect way to spruce up an otherwise utilitarian fixture in the room. The barn shelf was bought at a thrift store and for a couple of bucks and I switch out the trinkets on it often.
A giant Ikea leaf perches in the corner, even after having it in his room for over a year, Buzz still seems amazed by it. One entire wall of the room is taken up by windows, its great to have all of that natural light, however it has made it  a little difficult to arrange furniture and find curtains to fit. The current middle set of curtains are still a little short as I haven't got around to adding a piece onto the bottom of them.

An Ikea side table and two orange chairs inside the door make a perfect space for Buzz to colour with crayons. The chalkboard above the table is a vintage find, bought at a Goodwill store for $3. The orange chairs were also a secondhand find by my parents, my Dad painted them orange and they fit perfectly in the room.

 An Ikea shelf turned on its side is a perfect storage solution in the room, not only does it create a home for toys and books, but the top is a perfect place for an aquarium. The prints on the wall are part of a set of 6 (only 5 are in the room, the 6th is not yet framed or hung). These are done by a friend of mine and are perfect in his room, I like that they are pieces of art that can grow with him and that he can work into a home of his own when he is older. I made the two paper buntings that you can see strung around the top of the room. I used scrapbook paper and cut out triangles, folded them, trimmed the edges, and glued them over a length of string.

Buzz on his bed. The seahorse light is another Ikea find, it gives off a nice warm light in the evening when he is falling asleep. The seated owl piece of art to the left of Buzz is done by my very talented sister. She also made the paper mache hand puppet on the Ikea shelf. You can find more of her art and puppets here.

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