Monday, September 20, 2010

delicious snack and a little rambling

I love that I can make a very satisfying and delicious snack in the time that it takes for the previews to play on my DVD. Simply melt the marshmallows, add the cereal (this time I used cocoa rice crispies and toasted o's) and at the last second before you put it in the pan to cool you add the chocolate chips. Delightful! The best part about all this wonderful snack making is that the babe is asleep and so I can quite peacefully watch my movie while enjoying my cereal square. 

On a different note I  have quite possibly come up with my cutest creation yet. Up on my Etsy shop you will find lamb headbands. They come complete with ears and are quite adjustable. I am dying to see them on a baby, except for the brief moments that I can manage to get one on Buzz's head, he simply won't wear it. I don't blame him, with the bow above the ear it makes him look like a girl. He will however tolerate his mohawk hat, which is a very good thing because the cool weather is returning.

Speaking of cooler weather, how adorable are children when they play in leaves? Alright, I am rambling, time to crochet until my fingers stumble.

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