Monday, June 6, 2011

hot day, cold lunch

Recently, as the weather has been getting warmer, I've been making myself a smoothie for breakfast or lunch. I love how fresh it tastes and it is often a great energy booster. For the most part I make my smoothie using frozen fruit, vanilla yogurt, and vanilla soy milk. I find that if I use milk in place of the soy milk it is simply too much milk and my throat gets angry at me - thus the addition of soy milk.

Last week I read this article on the blog of a friend of mine and she suggested using cinnamon in a smoothie, so today I did. I would suggest following the rest of her recipe, I'm sure its great, however I simply added cinnamon to my regular smoothie recipe. Cinnamon was such a great addition that I am most definitely going to use it again and again. Thanks for the wonderful idea Sarah, cinnamon in my smoothie made my day!

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