Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oh. joy.

It is 3:30 in the a.m. as I am sitting here at my computer writing this. I haven't seen 3:30 a.m. in quite a while, or at least not while most mostly coherent.So why am I up?

Is it Buzz?

No. He fell asleep while sitting up on the couch tonight and while he isn't sleeping all that well due to heat (what I wouldn't give for a/c tonight, or at the very least a sleeping porch), he is currently sprawled out and sound asleep in our bed.

The reason we are up (yes Ed is wide awake and standing by the door as I type this) is due to the copious amounts of water coming through our ceiling. Yes, you read that correctly, WATER COMING THROUGH MY CEILING. Most of it is coming through the vent however there is a small contingent of drops clinging to the ceiling which has now become damp to the touch.

The superintendent has come over and looked at it, he was as confused by it as we were. He had to go and knock on the door of the people upstairs with the really big dog. I've yet to hear their dog bark however apparently they have an inch of water on their bathroom floor with no idea where it came from. 

Maybe their dog is on vacation, its a very big dog with a very deep bark, maybe the dog heard the knocking and thought '3 a.m..... I'm sleepy, no way am I barking when I should be sound asleep. Damn humans.'  I'm sure that's what their dog thought, its pretty much what I'm thinking.

Well, 45 minutes after our not so welcome wake up and the water has slowed to an almost stop, we are heading back to bed. Ed must get up for work in 3 hours, I will hopefully be sleeping longer than that. There is no solution to the mysterious appearance of water, the water upstairs has been mopped away and hasn't again appeared. I suspect that when it gets light out there will be some sort of resolution to the issue of the water. Maybe the building is trying to tell us that it is simply too hot, I agree, too hot. Too hot for this.

I kinda wish I was on vacation with that dog.

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