Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Love Wednesday : Wading Pools and Splash Pads

It is hot hot hot here in Toronto and we don't have air conditioning. Our apartment stays pretty cool but when we step outside we are often met with a wave of heat and humidity, thus we are always looking for a way to cool down while enjoying the sunshine. In the Toronto area many neighbourhoods are lucky enough to have a splash pad or wading pool in one of their local parks, we have one of each close to us. Access to all of these locations is completely free which means that if we want we can go every day of the week. While Buzz is not great in a large pool (we took him swimming last night, he was not as enthused as I was), he loves playing in the knee high water of the wading pool.

Wading pools in Toronto.

Splash pads in Toronto.

There have been some recent changes to the amount of time a wading pool can be open before it needs to be drained and re-filled. The new regulations mean that a pool has to be drained and refilled after 4 hours of use, keep this in mind when you go to visit  your local wading pool. This recent change in regulations is a little annoying, for most of the wading pools this means that they close one hour earlier which is frustrating for a lot of residents. If you have an issue with the new rules I would urge you not to get angry at the supervisors of the pool, they are just following the rules, instead call the city of Toronto and complain to them.

The Toronto Zoo has their own splash area which is a great break in the day and a wonderful way to cool down. Plan on stopping by the splash area if you're going to the zoo on a hot day, even for just a few minutes of playing it is well worth the hassle of getting into swimsuits.

Some tips for going to the splash pad or wading pool;

-Wading pools are checked and filled every day but splash pads are not, water shoes are usually a good idea. We don't worry about water shoes in the wading pools as much, but Buzz is always wearing footwear at the splash pad, even if he is just wearing his garden clogs.

- Be sure to wear waterproof sunscreen and cover up! When Buzz goes to the wading pool or splash pad he usually wears swim shorts, a sun shirt (unless its very cloudy like in the picture), and even a hat.

- Keep in mind that if there are older kids around they tend to rule the splash pad (the wading pools are often occupied by younger kids), don't be afraid to speak up if they are being too rough and are knocking down little ones in their wake.Also, if you go to a splash pad there is a good chance that your little one will get splashed in the face, if you don't want to take that chance, then go to the wading pool instead.

-Take snacks, you can stay at the wading pool all day if you want, so be sure to bring snacks and drinks so that you don't have to go home prematurely.

-Get involved, walk around the wading pool, and step in the water at the splash pad, even staying near to the splash pad can keep you coo, it feels great!

Have fun keeping cool!

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  1. Great suggestions that will make a visit to a wading pool or splash pad more fun for all! You could be an advice columnist!!