Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rain Day

We have a whole lot of rain in the neighbourhood today and Buzz is loving it. We spent part of the morning watching mighty machines and playing before going for a little walk. Buzz kept mostly dry by wearing his blue raincoat and pink rain boots, I used an umbrella and gave up on the idea of dry feet by opting to wear garden clogs, Buzz's baby Ernie doll didn't even bother with the pretense of clothing.We all went out in the rain and Buzz found just about every puddle out there, at one point he was ankle deep in muddy water, Buzz loves puddles.

At the end of our walk in the rain Buzz was soaking wet from his head to his toes (literally, his socks were soaking wet) and very happy.

Puddle jumping is a sweet part of childhood that can easily be lost, its much easier to stay home on a rainy day, to keep everyone warm and dry in the house, to rush past the puddles while on your way to the bus stop. I think that puddle jumping is too dear an experience to lose to practicality. If its raining where you are then consider putting a hold on your indoor activities, put on some rainboots (or go barefoot in your own driveway), and head outside. Stash a couple of towels by the door so that you can dry off when you get back inside, and go jump in some puddles.

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