Monday, March 19, 2012

Return to the Garden

Since our gardening season ended last fall we have been anxiously awaiting warmer days so that we could go and start prepping our garden space, this weekend we got to do just that. Not only did we go and map out our space but we bought seeds too! This year we've decided to try our hand at some heirloom and rare varieties and I am so excited at how colourful our garden will be.

Our garden's before picture looks much different from last years photos. This year there was no fence to be re-built and only a small amount of garden debris to be  removed.

We picked up our seeds from a seed exchange/sale in Scarborough and this year we will be growing the following:

Chioggia Beets
Atomic Red Carrots
Cosmic Purple Carrots
Provider Bush Beans
Homesteader Peas
Royal Burgundy Beans
Sugar Snap Peas
Russian Blue Potatoes
Habanero Peppers

We also bought a few seed packs from a local on-line source, Cubit's. From them we've ordered golden detroit yellow beets, yellow pair tomatoes, and purple tomatillos. These should arrive sometime in the next week or so. 

This year we will be trying our hand at starting some seeds indoors, Buzz and Ed have already started the habanero peppers, we'll start the tomatoes as soon as they arrive. Back at the garden we  have already planted peas as they can be planted before the last frost date, this year we started out with a tall trellis so that we don't have to switch it out halfway through as we did last year. Buzz happily planted peas and then created a racetrack in the dirt.

At the end of our Sunday trip to the garden Buzz simply did not want to leave, and so I suspect that despite there being not a lot more to do in the garden at the moment, we will go back at some point this week to let him dig in the dirt.

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