Thursday, July 11, 2013

For the first time in a long while I put baby Bo down for a nap in my own bed in hopes of a longer nap. So far it is working. He is at times a very calm sleeper.

Buzz and I have spent the afternoon playing with his Playmobil people (a new love of his thanks to his Auntie) and playing outside. More accurately he played outside while I tidied the kitchen and got a load of dishes going. Usually we don't put the dishwasher on until later in the evening due to the cost of hydro during the day, but today the piles of dishes seemed to be towering and so on it goes. 

We have been soaking up the summer as much as we can around here; berry picking, long walks, visits to wading pools, playing in the backyard. The one thing Buzz has been dying to do is camp in the backyard and this is the one thing that has been a little hard to get done. There has been so much rain that the yard is often saturated and far too wet to set the tent up out there and so we finally set it up in the playroom. He was thrilled! We will be leaving it up for a little while as they are having a great time playing in it, this tiny tent was well woth the clearance price. At 5x6 feet it is perfect for indoor campouts.

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