Friday, March 11, 2011

It would seem as though winter and spring are competing in our neck of the woods recently. Throughout the past few days it has snowed, rained, snowed, and now it is precipitating some combination of the two. The temp has been hovering just above freezing and there puddles are everywhere. Buzz is quite excited by the sheer amount of puddles, I think that they're only okay, of course I do not have race car rain boots and a blue raincoat like he does.

One good thing that has come out of all of this rain is that my productivity has gone up and I've come made a bunch of little stuffed lovies. Some are larger like the one I posted about previously, but my favourites are the teeny little ones. I even carved a new stamp for their faces. Buzz is exceedingly fond of these lovies in particularly and he keeps trying to sneak them away even though he has 2 of his own all ready. Our home is starting to be over run with small stuffed creatures, I definitely need a good place to keep them all.

There will be more things to come I'm sure, after I finish up a few more little lovies I'll be working on bandanna bibs and hopefully a few more new projects.

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