Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buzz is turning 2, time for cupcakes!

This time two years ago I was in labour, in fact I'm pretty sure I was just getting to the hospital after a rather horrid ride in the backseat of the car. Fast forward two years and Buzz has turned into quite an inquisitive, active, and cheerful little boy for whom we are throwing a birthday party. Thus - cupcakes! Lots of cupcakes in fact. I've made three batches of cupcakes and one birthday cake and so far so good. They will be iced tomorrow and hopefully at the end of the party they will all be gone, happily eaten by lots of little children.

I decided that this year for his party I would make reverse colour cupcakes. I'll be leaving the icing white and the cake has had food colouring added to it to make it all sorts of fun colours. Buzz was quite enthused with the prospect of making cupcakes and was eager to help, he is quite good at putting cupcake cups in the tray.

I also made a blue cake for his actual birthday cake. I'm not sure what he'll think when we put the candles on it though, he wasn't too impressed with the candles the other day when I showed him how to blow one out. We shall just have to wait and see, maybe when the candle is nestled in a pile of cake and icing he will think that its just great.

If you want to make multi-coloured cupcakes for yourself simply add a decent amount of food colouring to the batter and mix well with your egg beater before baking. The best part about adding the colour to the cake instead of the icing are the looks of surprise when the kids bite into them, definitely a great addition to any party.

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