Thursday, June 16, 2011

As much as I love my son, every once in a while a mama needs a little time off so that she remembers how to act in public without a two year old attached to you (or running away from you as the case may be). My friend Alexis (yes, Alexis, we practically have the same name) came over for dinner and a trip to the garden.

A little info on Alexis

We grew up in the same hometown and went to the same high school, we now live in the same gigantic city and live surprisingly close to one another. Alexis has red hair and when we are out with Buzz she is easily mistaken for being his mother. Alexis is an artist and is the creator of the farm animal prints in Buzz's room. When she isn't working crazy hours at Starbucks, we see Alexis about once a week.

Back to this evening, dinner, garden, and then Ed left the garden to walk home with Buzz while Alexis and I took off in the car and went shopping at Winners. I found new pajamas, they're super comfortable and pretty and I love them. Its so nice to have an opportunity to try on clothes without standing with one hip against the door so that my rather rambunctious child doesn't open it and run away. No amount of cookies or juice (treats that I reserve for occasions when Buzz needs some enticing to sit patiently) will keep Buzz happy in a dressing room, it just doesn't happen.

Its not even a good time when Ed comes along, Buzz wants us to be in the same place at the same time and dressing rooms don't really allow for that. This causes Buzz to run back and forth between the dressing room and the area just outside the dressing room thus ensuring that neither of us is leaving or falling into an apparent dressing room black hole. Thus the hour that I had at Winners tonight without my wonderful child was blissful, the pajamas and coffee afterward were just an added bonus.

After dropping Alexis off at her apartment I returned home to find a fed, freshly bathed, and happy child waiting for me. Being away from him is not something I do often, our lifestyle doesn't always allow for it and that's alright, I love being with him. I love when the three of us are spending time together in the evening. As great as my time away from him was, coming home to hugs from Buzz because he was so happy to see me was the best part of my evening. That and the pajamas, I mean, they're pretty freakin awesome.

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