Friday, June 17, 2011

Now that our garden is full of vast amounts of growing veggies we have turned our attention to adding decorative touches to make the garden our own. Last week I came across a stepping stone kit while cleaning out a closet and decided that we should make it up for the garden. I have a huge stash of magnetic letters (a great find from goodwill) and so I found as many as I could that had lost their magnets and then filled in the rest of the letters for the word 'welcome' with still usable magnetic letters. After pressing Buzz's foot into the centre of the cement mixture I surrounded the footprint with leftover broken letters and numbers, buttons, beads, glass pebbles, and an acorn cap.

The stepping stone is a great addition to our garden, Buzz loves looking at it and its perfect for playing  'I spy' with him. To make your own look for a kit at your local craft store, be sure that it is made using cement or concrete so that it will hold up over time in your own garden.

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