Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It takes Buzz about 3 minutes to get dirty head to toe when we go to the garden. When we get there our pristine little boy climbs out of the stroller and in no time at all he turns into a very happy little dirt monster. 

Luckily the garden is equipped with water taps where Buzz is quite happy to get cleaned up before we go home. After a quick wash he is ready to hop back in the stroller and go home.  

Buzz is absolutely in love with the garden although he still has yet to eat anything from our garden. Every time I offer him a fresh strawberry or some lettuce he laughs as if the idea of eating anything fresh from the garden is some sort of hilarious joke. I'm sure at some point he'll eat something that we've grown, but until then at least he finds it all fun and humourous.

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