Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Love Wednesday : The Zoo

Living in Toronto has some great benefits, and for us one of the biggest is the ability to go to the zoo often. We have memberships at the zoo and we try to go at least once a month, the best time to go is definitely in the spring or fall when the place is practically deserted. Once the cooler weather hits the school groups go into hiding and the wide open spaces that are left are a wonderful retreat from the busy city.

Since we go to the zoo often we are able to take our time viewing our favourite animals, riding the zoomobile, and playing at the splash pad. We never feel the need to rush around the zoo and see everything which is quite the luxury at a zoo this large.

The zoo often has events going on at the zoo and we take part whenever possible. We've participated in raising money for the polar bears, and Buzz has even trick or treated at Halloween, we can't wait to take in more events this year.

This week we've been to the zoo twice and we experience what is by far my most favourite zoo moment, Buzz finally came nose to nose with one of the polar bears. We always see the polar bears when we go to the zoo but we hadn't had a good underwater viewing experience until Monday. It seems that the conditions were perfect, the water was clear and two of the bears were rough housing near the glass. At one point one of the bears swung his head down under the water and looked at Buzz. Buzz was thrilled and so was I!

The idea that for less than $200 a year we can go to the zoo as much as we like is wonderful, if we go only once a month the cost per trip breaks down to about $16. I think its great value, and its always a magical and educational trip for all of us. For as long as we live near the zoo we will most definitely have memberships.

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