Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Love Wednesday : The Woodlot

I've decided to start a weekly blog post about something that I love. Anything goes for this weekly post, it may be about an object, an experience, a place,  or whatever else might strike my fancy that week. I will attempt to write a 'what I love Wednesday' post every Wednesday but I'm sometimes quite forgetful, I have pined a note to my bulletin board so that I have a reminder. Why Wednesday? No reason really, 'what I love Wednesday' sounds way better then 'what I love Tuesday' and also it happens to be Wednesday and I just came up with this idea. Please enjoy these posts and feel free to share with me something that you love.

The Woodlot

I am a little in love with this company. I heard about them through an Etsy team that I'm a part of and met them at the One of a Kind spring show in Toronto this year, in fact I won tickets to the show through a contest on their Facebook page, but this is not how they won my love. Their products are why I fell in love with them. They own a 25 acre wooded lot and from it they make some of the most beautiful toys, jewellry, and home accessories, among other things.

Not only are their products beautiful, but their toys in particular are wonderful as they are finished with beeswax polish or tung oil making them foodsafe. Buzz has two of their cars and they have stood up very well to everything that he puts them through. These toys are definitely something to keep forever and every item is different, making them extra special. What is beautiful about these toys is that they aren't simply made out of wood, they are made with the wood, creating gorgeous products that showcase the individual piece of wood.

If you want to learn more about The Woodlot and their products then visit their website and their Etsy shop.  Definitely take a look at the rest of their product line, they make some beautiful jewelry and items for the home, you can even buy buttons for your own craft projects.

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  1. ROck oN Alex! thanks for the compliments~ it was nice to meet you at the OOAK - and i do love the ETSY community - very friendly and helpful. glad buzz likes the walnut car - our little ones play with theirs too. funny kids are just drawn to nature i find!