Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This past Saturday I did something that I haven't done in a very long time. I went to a yard sale. I love yard sales, growing up in a small city I often went to yard sales as a kid. I have some great memories of my finds as a child, in fact, I still have some of my childhood yard sale finds, a panda bear tea set for two, a brothers Grimm book of stories, a mug in the shape of the bear to name a few. While I have been avidly going to thrift stores these past few years since moving to the big city, yard sales have eluded me. I think that the lack of yard sales in my life has a lot to do with living in apartment buildings. People don't have yards or driveways on which to set up their junk and so they donate the things they want to be rid of, or they sell them online, its almost impossible to simply drive around and hope to spot a yard sale near my neighbourhood.

After hearing about some yard sale adventures of a friend of mine I decided to hunt a couple down online, I found them quickly and easily on kijiji and I ventured out Sunday morning in search of treasure. I was well rewarded for my efforts and came home with a rather old, swivel diner stool. Its rusty, and there is some gum under the rim of the seat, but I love it, and for $10 I felt I got a good price on it. I have two vintage dining sets and so this fits in perfectly with them, plus its an extra seat that doesn't take up much space. I think that if I wanted I have some options in fixing it up, I watch American Restoration, I know what would need to happen to make it look original again. Someday I could get it sandblasted and re-chromed, cleaned up and re-painted, but for now I might simply clean it up, and possibly re-cover the seat. I like that it looks old, because truly, it is old. I will definitely be going out again to see what else I can find at a yard sale.

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  1. Great find. I agree with leaving it 'as is' for now. Looks super. Works fine. I haven't done yard sales for some time but this makes me think I should head out Saturday morning :)