Saturday, July 9, 2011

neighbours and friends

There are times that I lament about not having a garden in our own backyard, or rather not having a backyard in which to put a garden. It would be lovely to have a space right outside our door to call our own, in which Buzz could run and play while I garden. In the midst of my lamenting though I then remember the wonderful people that I've met while gardening at my community garden plot and I realize how thankful I am to have met them. 

This evening at the garden we had a potluck dinner, people brought dishes of food that were delicious. Wonderful desserts lined the tables and there was pink lemonade for all. As the evening wore on the food and people kept coming, we sat and ate, then ate and sat, wandered the gardens with Buzz, and spoke to met new friends. 

I made cupcakes.

Buzz ran with new friends and was covered with dirt from head to toe.
I am so thankful for the people that we have met while tending to our garden, they dote on Buzz and are some of the most welcoming people we've met. The term community garden is so apt because the people there have created their own community within the large city that we live in. We may not live next door to one another, but we are neighbours, ones who garden together, share advice, and trade produce.

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