Monday, July 4, 2011

We've been gardening for two months now and I can't believe the difference in our garden. When you see the garden day by day you don't always notice the difference, but then there are those other days. Once in a while we show up and I would swear that overnight the peas have grown another foot, or that there are way more carrots then there were the day before. This weekend we had one of those types of visits. This week it was the peas. Peas! Tons of them! All of the sudden they appeared and boy are they wonderful, two types are ready to eat, our sugar snap peas and the snow peas. The sugar snap peas are incredibly sweet and crisp, not at all like the waxy tough snap peas you get from the grocery store.

Once again Buzz could not be convinced that he should try them, but he was enthusiastic about harvesting them. He didn't quite understand the process as he ripped off a fist sized chunk of a pea plant, but its all good, he's learning and growing in the garden and isn't that what its all about?

I love to watch Buzz become more comfortable in the garden, he runs between the plots and seems to know the lay of the land, even though most of the fences are above his head. As much as we are constantly improving our garden with supports to help our plants grow, we are adding toys to the garden and improving the area for Buzz as well. He is always excited to go to the garden and once he is out of his car seat he quickly runs to our plot and our neighbours to gather the bulldozers so that he can start working as well. An area without plants quickly becomes a teeny construction site, complete with teeny boulders and plenty of mud. We also added a xylophone/piano this to the garden fence this week, Buzz was quite excited to see Ed attaching it and he loved playing it. This toy was really very annoying and loud in our apartment, but it sounds great when its outside and the notes are floating in the wind.

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  1. Love the pic of Buzz with his pail & shovel! Way to go, Buzz! GAK