Saturday, July 30, 2011

a wonderfully fine weekend

I hope that you all are enjoying this wonderfully fine weekend. Up here in Canada we are lucky enough to have a long weekend which means that Ed gets to hang out with us for 3 days instead of the usual 2 - hurrah! What makes this weekend even better is that our only plan is to go to a birthday party and then eat some barbequed deliciousness.

Today we popped over to my sister's house to bring by some vegetables from the garden and take pictures of their new baby. Thats right people - there is a new baby in the family, Little K arrived last week and was the reason we were so busy. I was lucky enough to be in the room when Little K was born and he was super cute from his very first breath. The week that followed Little K's birth was filled with us running around town and visiting Little K at the hospital while visiting the rest of my family that had come in to town to see him too. My sister and my niece flew into the city and in between visits we took a trip through Kensington Market to pick up some delicious food.

Buzz doesn't have much interest in Little K  yet, although he was thrilled that he could see pictures of him on the camera. 

On our way home we stopped at Starbucks to enjoy a nice cool drink, Buzz amused himself by making faces in the mirror. 

Tonight we're looking forward to going over to the garden and ripping out the last of our peas from their plot, we're going to attempt to grow some late carrots as our others have turned out so nicely already. In other garden news we now have a couple fully open sunflowers. These sunflowers are really pretty, a rusty reddish orange colour and standing about shoulder height.

Alright, time to get back to enjoying our leisurely weekend. Ed is snoozing on the couch and Buzz has climbed on top of him and is smooshing Ed's face, I think I must save him.

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  1. Love the pic of Little K in the crocheted "sack". Looks like the exceptional and creative handiwork of his Auntie Alex.