Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saturday Morning at the St.Lawrence Market

Despite not having a very cold snowy winter this year, I'm done with it all and am very much ready for spring. Soon the air will turn warm and sweet and I can go back to wearing sneakers instead of giant winter boots... I can't wait!

We have had a few adventures this winter, whenever there has been a milder day we've taken full advantage of it to explore the city. This past weekend we went down to St.Lawrence Market on a mission to find some wonderful vegetables to cook with a roast later that night. We found some purple, orange, and white carrots, wonderful red onions, and some very nice purple potatoes that went wonderfully with the roast that we ended up cooking on Monday.

Our plans to eat a roast for dinner on the night we brought it and the veggies home was forgotten soon after we ate our lunch and realized that we weren't going to be all that hungry for a big dinner that evening. Lunch that day was amazing. St.Lawrence Market is full of wonderful food, and after some searching Ed managed to find something that was just perfect for my surprisingly picky pregnant self -  a pulled pork burrito from Carnicero's. Packed with pulled pork and homemade coleslaw this burrito was quite likely the tastiest meal I've had in quite a while.  Ed ate a steak fajita from the same place and quickly proclaimed that he could see himself eating something off of their menu every week. When trying a new food place we always try each others meals and I must say that the fajita was incredibly good as well.

Buzz was less than interested in the food that we offered him and was a little obsessed with the jelly beans that he spied in another shop in the market. We let him eat some jelly beans and an orange for lunch, he was thrilled.

While we can't wait for the outdoor farmer's markets to re-appear, the St.Lawrence market with their own farmer's market on Saturdays has turned out to be a wonderful place  for us to spend our Saturday mornings. The sights, sounds, and amazing food are a welcome addition to any day in the city.

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