Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Name for the Shop

I have decided to change the name of my business. While I love the name Mrs.Sewbot I feel that it doesn't allow for enough range in products without creating confusion, confusion in a business name is simply no good. The new name of my business is one that you should all be familiar with: Plaid Raspberries. This should keep things nice and cohesive and this name allows me to create whatever I want, whether I sew it, crochet it, or whatever.

I have also opened up a new Facebook page, so find Plaid Raspberries on Facebook and like me. When I have enough people on the page I will be sure to run a contest now and then as well as keep you updated on the blog, Etsy shop, and any upcoming shows I might be doing.

I don't yet have my shop on Etsy up and running, but I will let you all know when I have items there to buy. In the meantime take a look at some items that will most likely be the first to show up in the shop.

If you are interested in any of these new creations please contact me at plaidraspberries@hotmail.com and I will be happy to let you know about their price, shipping info, and setting up an Etsy listing just for you.

As you can see Buzz is quite fond of these guys, luckily he has an octopus of his own named Ollie. Ollie was the very first octopus that I made and so is very special indeed. These four Octopi are larger than the original but they are still the perfect size to be toted around by one of their 8 sturdily sewn legs. Each face is hand embroidered and so each one is a little different, some even have eyelashes. All of these octopi are made from recycled wool sweaters, are stuffed with fiberfill and are sturdy enough to throw in the wash on cold and hung to dry.

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