Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

My family got together this past Sunday to celebrate a couple birthdays. Little K was celebrating his very first birthday, while my brother-in-law Mike was celebrating a birthday of a larger number. We all met at a place near Collingwood that my sister and her family were staying at and had a little party, complete with cake, decorations, and hats! Little K's Mama was very busy, we all had our own hat personalized with our first initial, she also whipped up a neon paper chain. I love paper chain! I think I might have to get some pretty paper and make one for above Buzz's room or something, so pretty! 

I volunteered to make cakes, one of them was gluten free golden cake, the other was chocolate. Both of the cakes were decorated very traditionally, with cherries and pretty icing. They were yum! I love decorating cakes like these, they are quick to do and end up being so pretty. To sugar the cherries I simply washed them, shook off the big drops of water, and sprinkled sugar on them, they looked beautiful and tasted great. I think if you were more picky about them being totally covered you could paint dry cherries with egg whites before sprinkling on the sugar. I would recommend sprinkling the sugar on the cherries instead of dipping them as that will keep the sugar in the bowl from getting all moist.

I added sprinkles to the little white cake as it was deemed Litte K's cake, then added a happy birthday banner. The cake was also dyed turqouise inside.

The chocolate cake ended up being a pretty blue also with a happy birthday banner on top.

Little K has not had sweets yet and so he enjoyed a delicious banana pudding.

It was great to see the entire family, Buzz loved having time to play with his cousins, he so rarely gets to see the older cousins that it was a treat indeed! 

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