Thursday, July 12, 2012

To-Do List

I've finally made our summer to-do list - yay! On sunny mornings when the day is stretching ahead of us we sometimes have trouble coming up with things that might be super fun to do, this list will hopefully help with that. There are a few big ticket items on the list (baseball game, going to the ROM) but for the most part the items on the list are simple and fairly easy to do on the fly.  

We've actually already started doing some things on the list, specifically getting a treat from the ice cream truck. This was a big exciting moment for Buzz, not only does he love ice cream treats, but he is in love with the ice cream truck that comes to our street. I let him choose whatever he wanted, he decided on a Sponge Bob ice cream treat, Ed and I had strawberry slush. We were all pleased with our treats.

Keep a look out for updates on our to-do list, with any luck will be able to keep ourselves busy and  have lots of fun this summer.

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  1. Hi Alex! It is wonderful to see your beautiful pictures. I am printing up your summer to do list and posting it on my fridge!