Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buzz, Papa, and a Bag of Gummy Worms

Buzz is in love with the show Max and Ruby. Anyone with a toddler who watches television is probably aware of this show, but if you are not it is about a pair of bunny rabbits. Max and Ruby are brother and sister, they take care of each other do things that are apparently irresistibly interesting to a three year old (like making lemonade). Like any little bunny rabbit Max likes his candy, in particular gummy worms, Buzz has taken note of everything Max likes and often lets us know that he would like gummy worms too (among other things like wind up robots and green alien gorillas). This past weekend we met up with my parents at an antique market and after browsing the tables and tables of interesting things we sat down in the trees for a picnic. Buzz was delighted when his Papa pulled out a bag of gummy worms, my Dad was delighted at Buzz's delight, this is the resulting picture. A whole lot of happiness going around.

I suspect there will be more gummy worms during future visits with Papa.

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