Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updates on the Garden

We have been busy at the garden, everything is growing, some is ready to harvest. We ate the peas that are always the first to make an entrance, Buzz loved them the most. Our snap peas were so sweet they tasted like candy!

In the past Buzz has been afraid of swings, but this summer he discovered that they are delightfully fun. Luckily there is a swing at the garden and he hops on it whenever we are over there.

I stopped in to Starbucks to grab myself a nice cool coffee beverage and noticed a sign about their 'Grounds for your Garden' program. I happily picked up a free 5 lb bag of coffee grounds and distributed it thoughout the garden, this will hopefully enrich the soil. As a side benefit I had coffee grounds all over my hands and used them to exfoliate my skin a little - my hands have never been so soft! If you have a garden and are close to a Starbucks, head on over and grab yourself a bag of grounds for your own garden.

One of our garden neighbours gave us a few currants to taste - yum! I can't get over the bright red colour, so pretty in the sun. I love seeing them on the plants, catching that hint of ruby red under the leaves.

Buzz has had his share of tumbles at the garden already this year, for the most part he gets up and going right away. He is a rough and tumble kid who's not afraid to dust himself off and keep right on running. This tumble however took a little extra dusting, he even had dirt in his mouth. A quick wash off at the tap and he was as just fine. 

 Our first carrot of the season! We were anxious to see how they looked and so Ed pulled one up. I think its a cosmic red, Buzz and Ed shared it. While the carrots aren't quite ready to provide us with some decent eating, our first batch of beans are almost ready for us to can. We just got a few more packets of bean and carrot seeds in the mail so that when we pull our the peas out later this week we are able to plant something new.


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